The International Society of Animal Clinical Pathology was founded in 1981 as the International Society of Animal Clinical Biochemistry and held its first meeting in Schwabisch Hall, West Germany in 1983. The aim of the Society, then as now, is to advance the science of animal clinical biochemistry and pathology by promoting and encouraging the study, practice, and advancement of knowledge within the discipline and facilitating global scientific exchange and networking. ISACP Biannual Congresses provide an international venue for scientific communication and education in all areas of clinical laboratory medicine, including basic research, technological advancements, and diagnostic applications. ISACP members include scientists, pathologists, and trainees from a wide range of backgrounds and from more than 40 countries. Since 1983, the Society has met 13 times at various locations throughout the world. Recent meetings have been in Spain, Turkey, Chile, USA, France, Japan, Denmark, and South Africa.

ISACP members include more than 100 scientists, biochemists, and clinical pathologists from 31 countries around the world! Explore the map below to see how globally diverse our membership is.

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Executive Board (2018-2020)

President, Toshiro Arai (2018 Congress Organizer), Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University, Tokyo, Japan (tarai@nvlu.ac.jp)

Vice-President, Mary Christopher, University of California-Davis, USA (mmchristopher@ucdavis.edu)

Secretary, Carolina Rios, Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago, Chile (crios@ust.cl)

Treasurer , Michael Fry, University of Tennessee, USA (mfry@utk.edu)

Immediate Past President, Amelia Goddard, University of Pretoria, South Africa (amelia.goddard@up.ac.za)

Executive Director, John Harvey, University of Florida, USA

Past Presidents of the ISACP

  • Amelia Goddard, South Africa (2016-18)

  • Mads Kjelgaard-Hansen, Denmark (2014-16)

  • Morrie Craig, USA (2012-14)

  • Josep Pastor, Spain (2010-12)

  • Aysel Özpinar, Turkey (2008-10)

  • Fernando Wittwer, Chile (2006-08)

  • John Harvey, USA (2004-06)

  • Jean-Pierre Braun, France (2002-04)

  • Kenichiro Ono, Japan (2000-02)

  • John "Tim" Lumsden, Canada (1998-2000)

  • David Eckersall, Scotland (1996-98)

  • Antonio Ubaldi, Italy (1994-96)

  • J Jerry Kaneko, USA (1992-94)

  • David Blackmore, UK (1990-92)

  • Eitan Bogin, Israel (1988-90)

  • Heiner Sommer, Germany (1983-88)

ISACP Awards

Heiner Sommer Prize

Young Investigator Prizes