Young Investigator Prizes

Two competitive prizes of $300 each are awarded at the biannual ISACP Congress. The J. Jerry Kaneko Prize is awarded for the best Oral Presentation by a young investigator. The Eitan Bogin Prize is awarded for the best Poster Presentation by a young investigator. Drs. Kaneko and Bogin were two of the founding members of the ISACB (now the ISACP).

To qualify, the investigator must be in training (graduate or residency) or within 5 years of completion of training. Selections are made by a committee of three ISACP members (appointed by the board) who judge the qualified presentations and posters.

The young investigator must be the first author of the presentation or poster and must be at the Congress to present it. The investigator should indicate at the time of abstract submission whether they qualify for a prize and are willing to be considered.


Past J. Jerry Kaneko Prize Winners (Oral Presentation)

  • 2002 – Alejandro Ceballos, Chile
  • 2004 – Marta López Alonso, Spain
  • 2006 – Michael Fry, USA
  • 2006 – Hasan Turkez, Turkey
  • 2010 – Laetitia Jaillardon, France – "IGF1, prolactin and leptin secretion in hyperthyroid cats: effect of methimazole"
  • 2012 – Farzal Ghazali, University of Glasgow – "Is alkaline phosphates activity in bovine nasal secretion a result of local synthesis?"
  • 2014 – Louise Bundgaard, University of Copenhagen – "Analysis of acute phase proteins in interstitial fluid from equine wounds healing by second intention by the use of mass spectrometry"
  • 2016 – Adrian Tordiffe, University of Pretoria – "Preliminary evaluation of urine organic acid profiles in captive cheetahs using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry"

Past Eitan Bogin Prize Winners (Poster Presentation)

  • 2004 – Ana Cristina Silvestre, Portugal
  • 2006 – Mirella Noro, Chile
  • 2008 – Akihiro Mori, Japan
  • 2010 – Asako Shimamura, Japan – "mRNA expression of mammary tumor associated genes in dogs"
  • 2012 – Nobuko Mori, Japan – "Elevated plasma adiponectin level and peripheral blood adiponectin receptor expression in insulin deficient dogs"
  • 2014 – Shingo Ishikawa, Japan – "Sirtuin 1 suppresses inflammation by p65/RelA pathway and p65/RelA reduces the expression of sirtuin 1 mRNA levels in cat cultured cells"
  • 2016 – Yuki Okada, Japan – "Novel definition of obesity: pathological weight gain in cats"