The XVIIIth ISACP Congress in Tokyo, Japan was a great success! Many thanks to Professor Toshiro Arai for organizing the Congress. More than 150 participants enjoyed the cultural riches of Japan along with the scientific diversity of research and colleagues from 24 countries.

A special award, the Tsukimi Washizu Memorial Prize was dedicated to the life and inspiration of Dr. Tsukimi Washizu, long time member of the ISACP and clinical pathologist in Japan. Dr. Beth Schmidt (Brazil) and Dr. Kazuhiko Ochiai (Japan) were awarded this prize for their outstanding presentations.

Other award winners were: Jose Joaquin Ceron (Spain) who was awarded the Heiner Sommer Lectureship, Laura Brookes (Australia) who received the JJ Kaneko Prize for best oral presentation, and Mona Uchida (Japan) who received the Eitan Bogin Prize for best poster presentation.

Please see the ISACP 2018 Congress website for more information and photos from this wonderful conference. Many thanks to all the sponsors, speakers, presenters, session chairs, meeting organizers, and assistants. We hope to see you in 2020 at the XIXth ISACP Congress in Chicago!

Photos by Makoto Habara, 2018 (see the ISACP 2018 website for more)

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